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Help level the playing field

Help URiM medical students through the residency interview process

The Association of American Medical Colleges ( AAMC) defines URIM (UnderRepresented In Medicine) as:

"Underrepresented in medicine means those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population."

The transition from in-person to virtual/hybrid residency interviews has created unprecedented challenges and hurdles for all medical students. Unsurprisingly, medical students who are URIM  have been affected disproportionately by this transition. To give one example, the very first tip that the AAMC shares for medical students who will be interviewing virtually is ensuring there is ' a stable internet connection ' (click here to learn more about AAMC's tips for medical students)'

Although a stable internet connection might be taken for granted by most medical students, several URIM students have suddenly found themselves doubling down to make this a reality for their residence (from where most students need to conduct the interview).  

This is just one example. The list of such challenges goes on and on.

Help level the playing field for a URIM medical student by


(Please make sure to put in comments ' for URIM residency interview fund.')

How it works

  1. We collect your generous donations.

  2. Our URIM partners approach us with their request. (e.g., Davante needs $562 for 6 months of stable internet, Houa needs $2600 for a laptop, Jorge needs $300 for a sportcoat for the pre-interview social gathering, Skylar needs $1400 for airfare and lodging, and so on and so forth.)

  3. Our parnership panel reviews the request.

  4. We help out our partners the best we can.

  5. One day, our partners pay it forward.

Meet the partnership panel for our URiM project

Quamaine Bond 2022.jpg

Quamaine Bond​

Medical student

Class of 2024

kajua lor.png

Kajua Lor, PharmD​

Founding chair of a clinical sciences department

Alicia Ivory.jpg

Alicia Ivory,

MD/PhD student

Class of 2023

Crystal Jushka 2022.jpg

Crystal L Jushka M.Ed

Office of Diversity

Program Coordinator


Amitabh Tipnis, MBBS

Former program director of a psychiatry residency 

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