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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Equality and Equity ?
    This. (Credit: “Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire.” )
  • How is RESTEM different from all the other non profits out there ?
    Prior to starting RESTEM, we conducted online searches, literature reviews, as well as extensive interviews with stakeholders (including potential recipients, allies, and donors). This helped us discover that there are many organizations that are committed to helping people who have been affected by inequity. There are also many organizations and avenues that offer help to individuals that are in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). However, we also discovered that there are often many loopholes and cracks in the system, which come in the way of distributing these resources. RESTEM is different because it asks bare minimum questions to people who approach us for a consultation (we discussed asking zero questions and realized that might not be possible, even for a nonprofit with our goal). We call them our partners (not ‘recipients’ or ‘candidates’ or ‘consumers’ or ‘awardees’). Based on the outcome of the consultation, we try and help them with any form of resources that we may have at that time (money or good, services, mentorship & networking etc..) All we ask in return is that they ‘pay it forward,’ whenever possible. They get to decide what 'paying it forward' means to them. We do not ask for receipts, or evidence for need. We do not solicit testimonials; however, we do not prohibit our partners from doing so of their own accord if they wish to. Of course, as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, we keep meticulous records for book keeping, and all donors would receive a receipt from us for their tax-exempt donations.
  • If someone is already pursuing a professional career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math, don't they already have it pretty good? And doesn't that imply they are already good at getting resources themselves ? Why shouldn't I donate my resources elsewhere ?"
    Just because someone is pursuing a career in one of the STEM fields, does not make them immune to inequity. Here is a quote which is a composite of several different interviews we conducted (to maintain confidentiality and dignity of the individuals we interviewed): “I’m a single father, trying to get through school. I am very grateful for the support I have received so far. Having said that, it’s frustrating that I don’t qualify for any scholarships because per the policy, I earn ‘too much’ from my 2 side jobs. The income doesn’t cover much. I mean, for instance, whether ‘they’ say it or not, every student is expected to have a laptop! It gets so tiring feeling like people like ‘us’ are always begging, and that we have to explain our circumstances every time, only to face uncomfortable, embarrassing scrutiny. Have we thought of all other options?... Have we asked for a low interest student loan?... Do we REALLY need that thing?... How do they know I won’t blow it on something irresponsible and sinister? I mean, I’m going to keep answering the questions, I’m a fighter, but it still gets tiring, you know?...” The person we are describing above is a highly intelligent, hard working, resourceful person who gets things done! Imagine the dividends your ‘investment’ in them could reap, when they decide to ‘pay it forward’ someday…
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